About us

We are an international couple living and traveling around Western Canada.

She is from Germany and he is a real lumberjack born and raised in Canada. We met back in 2011 while she did a semester abroad at the University of Calgary. Since, then we have been in a long distance relationship for four years and we finally closed the distance in 2015 when she moved to Canada for him.


In our free time we love to travel through Western Canada, try local food and go shopping. We are just living the "Canadian Dream" and it is awesome.

As she is from Germany she would be the Schnitzel and he obviously the Poutine. Who knows maybe one day we will even create a fusion cookbook with crazy German Canadian recipes. Till then we will focus on traveling and sharing our stories with you.

That's why we decided to create this blog. We want to share our adventures and pictures with everyone who loves to travel, has been, wants to visit or is interested in Canada. 

If you have any questions or want to say hi feel free to email us: