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maybe you are planning your next vacation right now or think about places you want to visit this year. Some of you might just go to a resort or visit a big city. It sounds like a good idea, some relaxing time and exploring a famous metropolis. Most resorts are crowded though, boring and lots of beaches are polluted. Big cities are full of tourists, everything is overpriced and at the moment not really safe. Did you think about a vacation in Canada? Well, we will tell you why you should consider visiting this country.

Canada has wonderful beaches, where you can even go surfing. It has big and famous cities like Toronto and Vancouver and not to forget beautiful and world famous national parks. This year Parks Canada is inviting Canadians and visitors from around the world to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with a free admission to all Parks Canada locations. You just have to go on their site and order your free pass no matter where you live and they will send it to you. Click here for more information: Parks Canada

Canada is also well known for its friendly and hospitable people. You can make friends easily and just have a good time over some beer and poutine. If you are coming from Europe or the US you might like to go on a little shopping spree as the exchange rate is pretty good at the moment. There are also numerous shows and fest all over the country like the Calgary Stampede, the biggest outdoor show in the world. For more events and attractions check out Canada keep Exploring.

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