Visiting the Banff Ice Magic Festival

Hi our adventurous friends,

today we want to take you back to the beginning of this year where we escaped the city and went on a day trip to the mountains. We visited the yearly Banff Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise that was held from January 19th-29th this year. Artists from all over the world come here for a carving competition and it's fascinating to see what one can do with a simple block of ice.

So we packed some snacks and tea for the ride and drove from Calgary to Lake Louise, which took us close to two hours. It was noon and many tourist were already there walking around and enjoying their time at the lake and around the famous and stunning Fairmont Hotel. We paid to get in, walked around for a couple of minutes and took many pictures of the beautiful and artistic ice sculptures. Afterwards, we made our way to the ice bar, which is literally a bar made of ice. There you were able to get alcoholic drinks as well as maple syrup on the stick.

We left the little festival to go to the lake where we had the most fun. We saw children playing hockey and families skating. It was lots of fun to walk on the frozen lake and to take some pictures. However, our phones were not made for the cold weather so our batteries died pretty quickly. To warm up we went to the hotel, where you are welcome to walk around and shop in some of their souvenir shops. After our little stop at the hotel we made our way back home to Calgary.

All in all we got some fresh air, beautiful pictures from the ice sculptures and lots of memories. So if you are in need for lovely winter sightseeing we would recommend to check out the Banff Ice Magic Festival.

For more pictures from the Banff Ice Magic Festival check out our Instagram.

Tips, advice and more information:

- The festival entrance fee is $10 per person.

(On the lake you can find the biggest sculpture and it's for FREE.)

- Don't expect a huge festival, it took us 15min to check out all the sculptures and ice bar.

(You can leave the festival to go to the lake or take a walk and later come back.)

- The Fairmont hotel has one little bakery where you can buy some pastries and other food.

(We would recommend to bring some snacks with you or make a stop in Banff for some food.)

- Make the most out of your stay and check out other activities at and around the lake.

(You can rent some ice skates at the lake, take a walk around or go on a romantic

sleigh ride.)

- Stay a night at the beautiful and romantic Fairmont Hotel.

(They offer spa treatments, Ski Package Experiences and they have numerous restaurants at

the hotel.)

#nationalparks #LakeLouise #activities

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