Date night with the Milky Way

Hello lovebirds,

this weekend we had our first official blog Date Night in the City. We started our evening with a Patio Party at Moxie's in Shawnessy with our friends and family. We won a Moxie's Instagram contest and received a $250 gift card.

We had awesome patio weather, perfect for drinks and dinner outside. The manager personally introduced himself and welcomed us. The waitress was friendly and helped us with the drink menu. After we ordered some beverages and the Double Cheese Nachos Platter some friends and family showed up and we caught up with the latest gossip and cheers-ed to a lovely evening together.

Schnitzel got a little bit tipsy with her jug of Rose Sangria; which went down way too fast; so she ordered the Sirloin steak while Poutine ordered the Rustic Italian Pizza with lots of extra spicy pepper toppings. We also shared a delicious Moxie's White Chocolate brownie. The food was absolutely fulfilling!

After the sun set for the evening, we made our way to the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, it is situated about 20 km west drive outside the city. Luckily, we found parking close to the Observatory. We also had some warm clothes and sneakers with us in the car in case the evening became chilly.

We arrived around 11.30pm and the place was already busy with couples, families and stargazers. An astrophysicist was explaining to the crowd about many of the star constellations using his laser pointer and everyone was allowed to ask questions. Living in the city we normally don't get to see many stars in the night sky, because of the light pollution but at the observatory we were even able to see the milky way with our own eyes. A picture that is going to have a lasting impact for the rest of our lives. We realized how small and insignificant we really are in the universe but also how blessed and grateful we should feel, because we can experience something like this.

After the presentation we were allowed to check out the various sized telescopes. As the second biggest one in Canada was pointing towards the rings of Saturn that evening, we waited in line to see it. Unfortunately, other people had the same idea, and we waited over two hours. In the end, clouds came up and the telescope wasn't working properly anymore. It was already past 2am and when we got to the telescope we only saw a blurry white spot, which was the star Vega. We were just too exhausted and tired to be upset about it. We would recommend, that you stand close to the telescope building that you want to check out after the presentation and also bring some snacks, drinks and a blanket with you. It is definitely a place that you want to check out and I'm sure it wasn't our last time. Just make sure you don't wait too long, because the stars are not waiting for you.

Overall we had a great dinner with our friends and family and we got to see the milky way! If you want to win Moxie's next Instagram contest make sure to follow them on their Instagram! Also all the information to the Milky Way Night at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory you can find on our previous blog post.

Has anyone of you ever been to the Observatory before? Please feel free to share your experiences down below.

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