Date Night - Paint Night at Raw Canvas

Hello lovebirds,

this weekend's "Date Night in the City" took place at Raw Canvas in Kensington, Calgary. They kindly invited us to try out this artsy date activity and to let you know about our experience.

The Raw Canvas is a place that offers a free, non-judgmental environment where even people, who don't consider themselves artists or creative, can create something by themselves and be proud of their work. Art is in the eye of the beholder, so no one needs to be shy or afraid of doing something wrong. In case you need a little push, they also offer alcoholic beverages and an assortment of finger foods.

For our date night we decided to try out the " Eat, Drink, Listen to music and paint in black light " night. We arrived a little bit earlier and talked to the instructor Kylie, who showed us the entire studio and the many creative projects that had been on display. 8 more "artists" arrived before the night of creativity began, where we grabbed some drinks and put on our talent aprons. The instructor showed us how to start painting and what brush and colors to use. It was not difficult at all and became more and more relaxing with every brush stroke and sip of wine.

When everyone had completed the first couple of steps, Kylie then switched on the black lights and let our creative ideas come to life. It took us couple minutes to adjust to the dark but once we started and the music was turned on we let the artist in us out. Everyone created their own piece of Picasso and Kylie was giving everyone some helpful tips.

As time went on and the wine and radler began to kick in, we became one with the painting which felt more of a relaxed state of mind; almost like a meditated state. All the stress from the day was slowly melting away and what was left was us focusing entirely on our master pieces.

Once we completed our works of art we had a little time to walk around the studio and view the other artists' paintings. Very interesting to see each individual with there own unique sense of painting and how each painting was different to every other artist.

The painting session was scheduled for an hour but in the end everyone stayed a little bit longer to finish their work. Kylie also offered everyone to take a picture of them and their paintings outside. Poutine thought that the entire hour went way to quickly and wanted to do another round of painting. He mentioned that with the mixture of music, relaxed "no pressure" atmosphere that the entire experience was a natural euphoria which he would happily come back and do again.

So if you want to have a fun and relaxing night out, grab your BFFs, family members or your partner and head to Raw Canvas. Afterwards, take a walk through Kensington, check out some local shops or go have a drink at the many bars and restaurants.

For more information and to book your paint night head to Raw Canvas and Kensington or feel free to ask any questions down below in the comment box.

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