Float the Night away at clear float spa

Hello lovebirds,

this past weekend was a long weekend, so we decided to do two Date Nights in the City instead of one. Poutine has a physically demanding job and is quite exhausted every day when he comes home. Schnitzel is most of the time on social media and working on the blog, which means stiff neck and mental exhaustion. So we were doing some research to find an activity which we could relax for our next date night and we are so happy that we found clear float spa. We heard lots of good things about it, but like it is with a lot of things in life, you have to try it to believe it. That's why we partnered up with clear float spa, which they invited us to enjoy a relaxing 60 minute floating experience, which neither poutine of us have done before. As Schnitzel is from Germany she had tried many different spas from massages to mineral hot springs to many different types of saunas.

On Tuesday evening after work we made our way down town to where clear float spa is situated. It was a rainy evening and perfect to spend it at a spa. We were greeted by Clark at the reception who welcomed us and explained what we were going to expect. After we checked in we chose between a complimentary tea or kombucha.

Clark showed us around the spa and brought us to our private rooms with luxury showers. Every room also has a fresh towel and wash cloth, some ear plugs and three way shower dispenser for your hair and body from the Rocky Mountain Soap company. After the shower and the ear plugs were in, we stepped in the float pod that is filled with warm salt water.

In the beginning it was very unfamiliar, especially the floating part ( each pod has a high quantity ratio of salt to water to increase the buoyancy per floater ***important note, if you have scratches or cuts we highly advise you put the complimentary Vaseline on before entering the pod; poutine will explain the sizzling burn if you don't ). After you turn the light off and the relaxing music starts you start floating away. It took us about 20minutes to get used to the surroundings and the new experience but once we let loose and realized that we were in a steady and safe place the relaxation started.

Our experiences were completely different from each other. While Schnitzel felt as if she was somewhere in space without a feeling for time or distance, Poutine felt relaxed and just present in the moment. Like we said with every minute we were in, we felt the stress of the day floating away and all our worries and problems that were occupying our minds less and less relevant. You get into a meditative state, only if you let go and don't try to control the situation. Ease your mind and thoughts, let the cloud of distractions float away and all that is left is peace.

After the 60min of darkness and silence a soft automated quiet voice alerted us that the float time had expired and that it was time to shower. We made our way to the shower to wash away the salt. All of their beauty products are from a local business ( Rocky Mountain Soap company ), that use natural ingredients.

At the zen room our tea we had initially selected prior to floating was waiting for us with a personal note from Clark.

With our tea we went to the post-floating zen room, that its sole purpose is to transit you back into your normal mindset.

The room was dimly lit with natural light and had a book shelf with many different books to read and write into, definitely something for everyone. If you're not into books, there is also a coloring book that you can use; when coloring or writing be mindful and respectful to the establishment. It is also a place where you can connect with other members or just sit in silent and let your eyes wander around the walls that are covered in drawings, quotes and thoughts of the people who were there before.

After only one floating session, we were able to see the before and after difference. We both felt very relaxed and calm, and had a deep sleep that night and woke up refreshed in the morning. We personally liked the experience and would recommend it to everyone to try out. Floating has no gender, age or profession limitations. It is proven that it can help people with chronic pain, relief from post traumatic stress and depression or even entrepreneurs, who are often faced with mental and physical challenges due to the nature of their work-life balance. There are so many wonderful benefits that floating has, that's why we would recommend to you to check out clear float spa's homepage for more detailed information or even to call them in case you have a specific question. The clear float spa team is there for all your question and they go above and beyond to make sure you have a relaxing spa experience.

They were also so kind to set up a special coupon code for us, so that all of you who are interested can try out floating and save 10% on all their packages and memberships (excluding the theta membership). Just type in the CODE: #sandp and you're good to go. Also we think it would be a great experience to give as a gift if you know someone who would benefit and appreciate a spa day.

If you have been floating before or have any questions, please leave us a comment down below and we would be happy to help you.

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