Date Night at Telus Spark's Adults Only Night

Hello lovebirds,

last Thursday we partnered up with Telus Spark to check out their very popular, once a month event, "Adults Only Night" in Calgary. For everyone who doesn't know, Telus Spark is a science museum with interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and educational demonstrations. It is a place for young and old to explore and learn.

Every second Thursday of every month the museum has its Adults Only Night. At these nights there are no children around and you can go and explore science with a glass of wine. They have a fully licensed bar, dance jams and hands on experiments. Every month there is also a special theme for the Adults Only Night. The evening we enjoyed was themed all about money- ka-ching!

As we stepped into the building, cool tunes and disco lights welcomed us to explore science in a new light. We grabbed some drinks and made our way to one of the money stations. This one was about making your own coin. How cool is that! Schnitzel sat down and tried to create a "Schnitzel & Poutine" coin, which was harder than thought. After she created a mold the dangerous step followed, which was pouring liquid metal in it. The science team was there to explain the next steps and make sure everyone was safe. They also had a sign that explained what this metal is and what its melting point is. In the end, you couldn't really see our logo on the coin but it was still an awesome experience and a souvenir for us.

Afterwards, we explored the other stations, where experts explained to the visitors everything money related. You were able to ask questions and view their displays and items they brought with them. One station explained what money actually is and how people used to "pay" before the creation of currencies. Other stations talked about bitcoins and about the financial crisis 2008.

When we finished going through all the stations we took a journey to the main exhibit galleries, where Poutine let out his inner child. Some of the exhibits are shown below.

- Being Human: connects your one-of-a-kind personal experiences to fascinating science about who we are. Below we have Poutine overcoming emotions with logic, as you will see he attempted the "bed of nails" where the strong emotion of not having pain inflicted on oneself was overcome with the logic of weight distribution. He liked it so much he actually did it twice, once with the pillow as shown and once without. After all that work Poutine worked up a thirst where he overcame his sanitary emotional fears of the toilet to quench his thirst with this abnormal water fountain.

- Earth and Sky: you can experience the forces of nature that have shaped and continue to shape Alberta and our world. There are different stations, one of them is to compare our landscape to other worlds in the solar system or to sculpt landscapes through erosion.

- Energy and Innovation: you can explore the nature of energy and see the connections among its different forms and the role it plays in Alberta and your daily life. In our video, you can also see how we created a musical symphony with light and were dancing around to create energy.

In case all the exploring and experiments made you hungry, then head over to the Social Eatery. They offer meals prepared from scratch and all the menu items have been carefully selected from famous Chef Roger Mooking.

All in all, it was an evening with great atmosphere to mingle, share ideas and learn everything you might have missed in school. However, we would recommend you to go to the Adults Only Night only if you're interested in the theme they offer that month. Also, make sure in case you got tickets for the Dome to know the auditorium times or just ask one of the friendly staff members. You don't want to miss it! We had an amazing evening where we not just learned a lot about ourselves but the world we live in. If you have been to the Adults Only Night let us know how you liked it, we would love to hear about your experience.

Their next Adults Only Night is "Hack It - September 14, 2017".

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