The Calgary International Film Festival

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we got to check out the Calgary International Film Festival 2017 for you, and we do have some awesome features to share. The film festival is held annually in Calgary, Alberta, for twelve days in late September and early October. It showcases of up to 200 multi-genre feature and short films from Canada and over 40 other countries. The festival hosts gala events, screenings, special presentations, and a Behind the Screen series that emphasizes unique and exciting ways for filmmakers and fans to interact. It is like the Oscars just a little bit smaller, ok a little bit more but it doesn't matter the experience is less exciting.

This year the 18th Annual Calgary International Film Festival was held from September 20 to October 1, 2017. It started with the Opening Gala that we attended. It was held at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. The Opening Gala is the largest and highest profile event of the festival. Guests from the film "When They Awake" walked the red carpet, there was live entertainment for the majority of the night, and a post-screening after party. This year the Opening Gala was also part of the Movie Nights Across Canada 150 Celebrations.

We got welcomed with beer coupons, as the Big Rock Brewery was one of many sponsors of the film festival. Once getting some drinks, we walked around the hall, listening to some live music and watching directors, writers, actors and everyone from the film industry enjoy the media time on the red carpet. This was all before the screening of, "When They Awake". The movie was a story about the revival of the indigenous culture through music and those key characters who lead the way in the industry.

Proceeding the showing of the film there was finger food available for all who attended the event and had watched the screening. Artists from the movie were performing at the stage and had a small concert for everyone after the movie. This was also the most opportune time for the guests to mingle and take pictures with the stars of the movie and other famous actors. Eugene Brave Rock (who recently Co-starred in the Gal Gadot "Wonderwoman" movie) was also available for photos and interviews after the movie. Schnitzel got to meet the actor.

The opening gala was an amazing start to the Calgary International Film Festival week. The next days we had the chance to see some amazing movies from a wide variety of genres. This was a lot of fun once we selected the movie we wanted to watch ( more of Poutine's choice ).

One of the films we watched was the comedy "A Swingers Weekend" at the Globe Cinema situated on Stephens Avenue. The movie, as Poutine would put it, "Is a well scripted Rom-Com with a twist", where the lead characters decide to spice up their sex lives; and as the title suggests, have a weekend of swinging. While not to spoil the movie with too much details, we will say that the movie kept us laughing and the audience throughout the entire runtime. With a great screenplay, to the actors who delivered such great scenes, from start to end this movie has it all. Which is why we highly recommend that it be watched by all fans of comedy on its theatrical debut next year.

Following the screening, the audience got to enjoy the company of the screenwriters/director/producer of the film. It was a very informative Q&A period where there were a lot of great questions about the budget of the film, the length of time to develop the script and much more. The feel of the theater mixed with the movie and the after-screening Q&A brought an amazing ambiance to the night and the festival.

If you are a film fan and in the city during the Calgary International Film festival, we would highly recommend to you to check it out. It is a fun 12 days, full of great opportunities to get together with other film lovers and people in the film industry and to watch great local and international movies. We can't wait for next year. See you there!

In case you don't want to wait so long, the 6th edition of the Calgary European Film Festival will take place in the second week on November, at the Eau Claire Market Cinemas. This year, 18 countries will join us in celebrating European cinema here in Calgary.

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