Floating on the Bow with Canmore River Adventures

Hello our adventurous friends,

we had an amazing time in Canmore and got to experience unique activities that everyone should add on to their bucket list when visiting Canada (specifically Western Canada). We got to try out the Canmore float tour with Canmore River Adventures. There is no experience required and it is a family friendly tour, perfect for all ages and abilities. They have tours departing five times a day 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm during peak times throughout the later spring and summer.

For our raft tour on Saturday, we went in the afternoon. We met right at the Bow River, which is only walking distance from downtown Canmore. There, our raft guide and friendly support staff were unloading the float boat and welcomed us and we were lucky to have a family join us on this particular river float. Prior to launching the boat down the Bow, we had to sign standard disclosure forms for legal purposes and put fasten our life jackets.

After our raft tour guide outlined the plan and the tour for the river adventure we were about to embark on, he also gave us a short mandatory safety briefing. Once everyone was safely and comfortably in the boat the floating adventures began. We couldn't have asked for a better weather setting where the water was calm, cool, crystal blue below us. The sky above was filled with small scattered puff balls with the sun piercing through giving us a lovely blanket of warmth. All while wrapped with the earthy tones of the beautiful tree line covering the breathtaking mountainous terrain.

Right away we were just in awe of the nature around us and the feeling of adventure was in the air. It is one thing to hike in the mountains and take a walk along the river, but it is a totally unique feeling being on the Bow River and letting the water taking us through the beautiful and inspiring land. Our tour guide was telling us many stories and local history of the Canadian Rockies. Even Poutine was surprised from the stories and learned new things about his amazing country.

After a while, we stopped the boat on the bank of a small island to take pictures of the magnificent background we had with the "Three Sisters" that looked unreal. The tour guide told us more about the mountains around us and some stories of past passengers from all around the world.

After our little break we got to see more of the fantastic nature and tried to see some wildlife like an elk, coyotes, osprey, bald eagles and maybe even a bear but unfortunately this time they were hiding from us. We still got to see the beautiful flora along the river bed and also some fishers trying to catch the local trout.

After over an hour our adventure came to an end. We took some more pictures at the river and with our guides next to the boat. The river adventures staff, after offloading the boat gave us a lovely scenic ride back to the original meeting point, where along the way shared more of their knowledge of local lore.

Overall, the float tour is a truly signature experience in the Rockies and we highly recommend to do it while visiting Canmore. You will be inspired and leave with photos of this incredible scenery to share the memories of an unforgettable adventure with your family, friends and the world.

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