Horseback Riding at Boundary Ranch

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a couple weeks ago we had an adventure getaway and experienced some of the most signature adventures in and around the town of Canmore. If you hear someone say, "The Rocky Mountains", many would automatically associate it with the Wild Wild West. So what would be more Western than horseback riding? We got invited by The Boundary Ranch to try out their two hour scenic trail ride, dubbed the "Ridge Ride". The ranch has over 70 years of experience in mountain horseback riding and ensures you that your time there will not only be memorable but also a safe experience.

After we left the The Grande Rockies Resort we made our way to the ranch which is located in the Kananaskis Valley, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Kananaskis Rocky Mountain Range. It is only 30 minutes away from Canmore and you get to see an impressive nature tree line with beautiful mountain peaks that reach to the sky and with the gorgeous autumn colors of the valley below.

When we arrived, we met the other cowboys and cowgirls, as well as our tour leader who was tastefully dressed in his cowboy gear. It was a sunny morning, the horses were all well fed and everyone was ready and eager to start their memorable adventure. Altogether there was a group of 12 people and everyone, like a junior high dance class, was paired up with their appropriate horse for their height and body weight.

Schnitzel was very lucky to have been paired with a very timid and calm horse, "Tonto" was his name. While Poutine, being the little more charismatic of the bunch was partnered with a very outgoing character horse named Marcus. Little did Schnitzel and Poutine know, which they soon found out, Marcus was the bully of the bunch, and Tonto was his first target.

As it was Schnitzel's first time on a horse, she was a little bit nervous, which didn't make things easier for her and her trail buddy (Tonto) for that the tour leader had the both of them at the start of the pack. Once, we started our trail ride and the tour leader gave us important instructions on how to navigate the horse, she settled into her role and became more comfortable as the ride progressed.

The trail began on an easy and flat terrain but once we got out of the ranch we had to ride over hills to get to probably the most beautiful scenery in the Kananaskis country. We were adjacent to the Mount Kidd peak which is situated on a very unique spot on the trail. For if you looked up to your left shoulder there were areas that the famous Hollywood movie, "Inception" was filmed. Then to the right of the riders in the valley below was where many scenes of another famous DiCaprio movie, "The Revenant" was filmed. There we took a little break to snap some one of a kind pictures and got a little education about the mountains and history of the area.

After the break our trail ride got more and more adventurous. As the horses are used to the trail they had no problems with the the landscape and different terrain. During our whole ride the tour leader made sure everyone was safe and comfortable as possible, giving us tips on how to handle the horses. Especially Poutine's horse, Marcus who decided to bully Tonto through out the trip, for that Tonto was a steady Betty and one speed trotter. While Marcus wanted to surpass Tonto and take the lead of the group.

The trail is a one of a kind experience, and both of us recommend this style of length for anyone that is learning to ride, has ridden lightly before, or is a seasoned rider. There is something for everyone on this trip, from the beautiful scenery, the rugged terrain, to the historical and education behind the landscape.

Unfortunately, every adventure has to end and so did ours back at the beautiful Ranch. Everyone needed a couple minutes or longer to get used to walking again after we had all dismounted from the horses.

We also walked around the ranch and took some pictures. Boundary Ranch also has a restaurant and offers barbecue menus featuring, Prime Alberta Beef, baked potato with all the trimmings, homemade Boundary Baked Beans, corn on the cob, Caesar salad, rolls and butter, and coffee and tea.

They also offer group programs, host weddings and Hay & Sleigh Rides. And for all you snow seekers, they also offer a special Winter activity called the Husky Dreamcatcher Tour. We would recommend to check out their homepage for more information about the year round events and to book your next adventure there.

So if you love adventure, nature and horses this experience should be definitely on your bucket list. It is an unforgettable experience and you get to play cowboy for a day. Let us know, in the comments down below, if you have any questions, concerns or want to know more about our trip. We would love to hear from you. Once again, we want to thank Boundary Ranch for inviting us to their amazing ranch and we can't wait to return to enjoy more of the Wild West experience.

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