The Wies'n Oktoberfest Dinner in Calgary

Hello friends,

for our last October blog post, we want to take you back to an event that we attended at the Royal Brasserie Francaise. As you know, the month of October is celebrating the Oktoberfest all around the world and Calgary is not an exception. It's all about beer, food and good music. Different pubs, bars, restaurants, and festivals have different emphasizes on the Oktoberfest celebration. And lucky for the two of us, we got invited to an event that had it all, music, delicious food and amazing beer. The Oktoberfest YYC created their inaugural Oktoberfest dinner in cooperation with Vinearts and the amazing chef from Royale Brasserie Francaise.

As we stepped into the tastefully decorated French Inspired restaurant, we got greeted by the host Eric, who is the owner of a local company, Mass Imports. Dressed in traditional Lederhosen; with a "Himbeer Welcome Cocktail" made with Haas Raspberry Schnaps to kick start the evening events. It was so good that we almost forgot to take a picture.

With our cocktail in hand, we ventured to the patio where we heard the lovely rhythm of a German polka band which was playing German themed songs adding to the Oktoberfest atmosphere. More and more guests kept arriving, even some in traditional Trachten fashion; all preparing themselves for the delicious and refreshing evening.

Being outside on Royale's open concept patio we got to enjoy our first two courses outside. One of the stations served "Charcuterie and Obatzda with Alforno breads". It's a traditional German Oktoberfest finger food that got perfectly paired with Rittmayer Landbier Hell. The quality of the different cheese and meat paired exceptionally with the Landbier Hell. With a variety of different cheeses and smoked meats, the first course was a fantastic way to introduce the taste buds to the other delectable foods we were in store for this evening.

The second station was provided by Empire Provisions. What kind of Oktoberfest celebration would it be without the servings of Bratwurst? Empire was serving up Bratwuerste at their "Brat station" which was cocktail wieners in a bun with some traditional German "Beilagen", which included Sauerkraut and different types of mustard. These little Bratwuerste were paired with a Greif Hefeweizen Hell. The pairing of the Wurst with the Hefeweizen mixed with the Oktoberfest music made the crowd loosen up and begin to mingle among one another. Also, the band educated the crowd, and got everyone to sing along to one of the most famous Oktoberfest songs "Ein Prosit".

After everyone had something to eat and drink we made our way back inside, where we took a seat at the lovely Oktoberfest theme decorated tables. The friendly staff made sure everyone found a place to sit and brought the next beer on the menu, the Rittmayer Kellerbier. Eric took the opportunity to tell us about the history of Oktoberfest and the beer he chose for the next meal. The very talented chef joined him and explained to us the creation for our next meal, and how he and his staff had infused the German theme with a French twist. The chef was very passionate about his creations and explained how his company is 100% for all local and organic ingredients.

Just listening to him talking about the next course made us salivate and eager to enjoy the meal and the beer that was going to be paired. When the servers brought out the platters of "Roasted Chicken with Duck and Goose Kloesse with Braised Cabbage" and the wonderful smell of different flavors spread across the room, everyone was blown away. The first bites just showed us how much time and love everyone invested to create and prepare such an exquisite meal. With every bite, the flavors of the food and beer created a blissful masterpiece that our taste buds.

We won't lie, after the third course and beer pairing the two of us had already started to grow in the abdomen region only hoping to have more space for the next two courses. Shortly after Eric and the chef presented us with the next succulent course and beer pairing, which was the Weissenoher Klostersud with the "Braised Ox with Sauerkraut and Potatoe Knoedel". Just thinking about it makes our mouth's water in captivating remembrance.

The next serving was a special beer, the Weissenoher Doppelbock. This is the beer the monks were drinking anytime they were fasting. This beer was rich in history as it was in flavor; so in order to get the nutrition they needed, large amounts of malts were used. Which in turn, pumped up the alcohol content. In doing so this beer acted as filling to us as if we ate a course as well which meant our course doubled as both the food and drink.

Last but not least, the conclusion to our history lesson with food and drink brought us back outside to Royale's lovely patio where our final course was waiting for us. Slowly but steadily everyone made their way outside, showing the satisfaction on their faces and waistline.The sweet smell of the "Kaiserschmarrn with Sosse" brought our attention back which was perfectly paired with the Haas Hazelnut Schnaps. Rich texture with a strong finishing tone paired ever so nicely with the "Kaiserschmarrn with Sosse" giving the guests a sweet finish.

This evening was truly something else and blew away our expectations by far. The atmosphere, the beverages and the exclusive courses accompanied by Oktoberfest music made this a one of a kind event which we would highly recommend for anyone to try. If you're someone who appreciates good food and is interested in German culture and cuisine then this is something you absolutely can't miss next year. From the time we stepped into the restaurant to the finishing touches and the music throughout we can merely say this event was perfectly organized. We were told that this event is going to be an annual thing, but they still want to keep it small and exclusive that's why we would recommend getting your tickets as soon as the next event date is announced. You can definitely expect us at this social gathering for the years to come.

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