Jumping into the Holiday season with Bungee Workout Canada

Hello friends,

this past Wednesday we got to try out something new, something exciting, and something that in Canada only Calgary offers. We got invited by "The Bungee Workout Canada" team to try out their exclusive aerobic bungee workout. This is an experience that was first offered in Bangkok, Thailand and now made their first expansion into the great North. The studio is so new that you can still smell the fresh rubber composite of the bungee chords since opening their doors to business a few weeks ago.

We are quite certain that a majority of Calgarian's have probably never heard about this unique gym / work out or they are not quite sure what it is, that is alright because we had no idea either. Well let us tell you, it was eye opening, we were surprised in many ways and want to share with you, our experience so you can decide if you are wanting to try an awesome new work out to kick-start the "New Year, New You" trend.

When Poutine finally figured out how to enter the parking lot to the facility; which was a little bit hidden; we got welcomed by the friendly owners Jennifer and Fan Mo. As Poutine was tired from a long workday, he happily let Schnitzel attempt the hour class of intense training. After a little chat with our instructor Fan Mo- the first and only bungee workout master trainer in Canada, Schnitzel got some specialized shorts for the workout, (we were told that the shorts act as extra padding for the bungee system which were form fitted) and made her way to the 3,000-square-foot studio. The studio has 10 bungee spots available for each class and we were informed that the installation of LED strip lights over the holiday season will provide a more dance studio feel for a more fun and entertainment workout atmosphere.

For low body impact purposes, the floor of the studio is laid out with gymnastic tumbler style matting. This is to ensure safety and all their bungee workout equipment is from one of the top brands "Petzl", that is normally used for mountain climbing. With that said, nothing can happen to you (except for intense cardio and full body training with emphasis on your core)!

Once everyone willing to endure the physical training arrived, our instructor Fan did a little warm-up with some jogging and stretches to help with prevention of any injuries. We have to mention that he has more than 15 years of teaching experience in martial arts. He is a professional athlete in Wushu (Kung Fu) and Taichi and has won many international championships. With that said, after the 10min warm up Schnitzel was already starting to sweat. However, she was still excited for the wonderful experience of the bungee workout.

After everyone got strapped into their harnesses and then to the bungee ropes; which are attached to the ceiling; the 60-minute workout began. Fan Mo started to show us simple moves so everyone got to familiarize themselves with the equipment. The moves we learned were jumping forward into the air and doing flying push-ups. It's a low-impact, high cardio workout that concentrates on building up core strength engaging muscle categories that you wouldn't know were there until the soreness of the workout kicks in.

Schnitzel highly recommends that you don't eat anything at least two hours before your work out. I don't think we have to explain why. During the whole work out there was up beat music playing on the sound system to give you that extra push to complete the workout. In the last 15min, we turned the floor into a dance studio, where we were allowed to work on our techniques and form of moves we had learned before. Most of us were excited that we finished the work out so we jumped around to the music.

Schnitzel was exhausted, one, since she hasn't done extreme workouts in a while, and two, she had a HUGE meal before attempting the workout. But she agrees that this new innovation of aerobics and bungee tethered combination has a high-calorie-burning ratio mixed with dance and fun for all age groups. One hour of training flew by in a blink of an eye. Poutine has confirmed that he will also attempt the work out at a later date, as long as they have a bungee rope that can support his weight.

Right now, Calgary's Bungee Workout only offers "fitness" classes, but the studio will eventually be adding a "workout" class that is a mix of acrobatics, fitness and dance and a "bungee wall" resistance class. Fan Mo has also informed us that if the popularity of the studio increases that he will also incorporate a Kung Fu style training regiment with the current bungee work out. With Fan Mo and Cheryl Clarke, a 12 year veteran of teaching fitness and kickboxing, at the helm of this new work out ship, we can see them doing really well with this innovative workout plan. Especially, in the bland world of barbells and treadmills, adding a little bungee jump to your step could be a very healthy alternative. And at the moment Bungee work out is offering awesome Christmas special packages. Visit their Facebook page for more information on specials and their drop-in fee's and classes.

Once again, we want to thank Bungee Workout Canada for inviting us and letting us try out their new facility and work out and we can't wait to come back soon to shed off the holiday weight. Let us know in the comments down below if you have any questions or want to share your experience with us.

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