Adult Night at the Calgary Zoo

Jolly greetings everyone,

on this blog post we want to take you back to the most dreamy and romantic Winter Date Night that possibly exists. If you're still looking for the perfect date night to take your significant other to, you don't have to look any further. It can't get better than this! We were happily invited by the Calgary Zoo to check out their exclusive Adult Night: Zoolights After Hours event.

Our beautiful, one of a kind experience started after 6.30 pm. Once we managed to park we made our way through the main entrance, where we were greeted by friendly staff who informed us about the festivities and theme of the event. Once we stepped in to the zoo, we got welcomed by beginning of the marvelous lights. To be exact, 1.5 million twinkling, sparkling, flashy LED lights to guide us through night sky. Immediately feeling the joyous, jolliness and excitement that the Christmas and Holiday Season emotionally bring. There seemed to be many in attendance this evening, taking in the sights and sounds, warming up by one of the many fire pits the zoo staff had lit and supervised. We both felt the energy of the event starting to build slowly as we made our way to the Enmax Conservatory.

The Adult Night started off at the Conservatory, which was only accessible for the adults whom were wearing the adult night wrist bands. The fantastic theme for the evening in the Conservatory was Alice in Wonderland which they incorporated through out the venue, from the decorations all the way through to the food servings they had stationed all around through out the building. Schnitzel loved the fish and chips while Poutine couldn't get enough of the Chilli. For the beer lovers they had local brewery, Wildrose, serving up samples of beer (Poutine's favorite of Wraspberry Ale). If you weren't a fan of beer they also had a cash bar with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.

The main hall was the only part of the conservatory that wasn't decked out in the wonderland theme, instead they have a floor to ceiling Christmas tree decorated gracefully. And continued the decoration at the foot of the bed with wrapped presents and a large king chair with Ol' Saint Nicholas ready to have any adult sit on his lap and tell them if they have been naughty or nice this year. On top of that, they also had the Mad Hatter entertaining the patrons of the event with whimsical fun, riddles and jokes.

But the fun inside didn't stop there, for the event goers that were nippy from the brisk night air the Calgary Zoo was so kind to have a self serve / build your own hot chocolate station. Equipped with several serving pots and all kinds of toppings for anyone that wanted to create a hot treat master piece from marshmallows to sour gummy worms and anything in between. For the hands on fun people the Calgary Zoo also had an entire section just for building crafts to take home. And not to mention that in case you didn't enjoy any of the activities above the Calgary Zoo also had medium sized hall specifically sectioned off playing the most favorite holiday movies, such as Elf, Dr. Suess's "The Grinch stole Christmas", and many more titles to treat the guests too.

But the fun definitely didn't stop there...

After Filling our bellies with delicious food, much deserved booze (says Poutine) , and treats, we were ushered outside to the actual skating rink that was built for the duration of the zoo lights festival. Schnitzel couldn't believe that it could get any more Canadian... Turns out she was wrong. To go with the ice rink, the Calgary Zoo had offered anyone that purchased a ticket to the adult night, FREE skate rentals (how Canadian) and to say the fun stopped there would be a complete understatement.

The skating rink was packed with all in attendance lacing up their skates to the old school tunes being spun by a local DJ to keep the groove of the evening going. With the brisk air all around, the music cranked up to feel the bass line in your veins, and the cold slick ice at our feet, the night was shaping out to be an amazing date. The cherry on the cake was that everyone with an adult date night wrist band got to make and receive a delicious Canadian treat, Maple Taffy, and if you don't know what it is let us tell you. Maple syrup heated up to a hot viscus state poured over top a Popsicle on crushed ice. The syrup starts to solidify and in that exact moment you have to begin rotating the Popsicle stick over and over. The finished product is one of a maple lolly pop. Pure sugar deliciousness done Canadian style.

After the music and skating the park remained open for longer then usual as it was adult night. giving everyone a chance to stretch their legs some more and take in the beautiful sights of the lights through out the zoo. Let us tell you, just magical, each strand hung to perfection in unique designs all through the park. The tunnel of love was our favorite destination where LED lights danced all around us to the backdrop music of Hot Chocolate's famous hit "You Sexy Thing" which definitely gives you the feels. With so many lights and designs we would say take your time to adventure through the entire park to see each and every detail, the effort that is put into the set up is nothing shy of a tremendous feat.

Unfortunately for this year the adult night had finished this night, how ever the Calgary Zoo Lights continues well into the new year. This is a definite MUST on our list of date night ideas in this great city. From entering the park to the lights, to the warm fire pits through out, the Zoo Lights have a little something for everyone. We would like to take a second to kindly thank the Calgary Zoo for allowing us to cover the event. We had an amazing evening, filled our bellies with delicious food and goodies, quenched our thirst with all kinds of beverages and most importantly were dazzled in a trance by the 1.5million little star bright lights.

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