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Hey Love birds,

First and Foremost, Schnitzel and I would like to take a brief moment to apologize for the delay in posts. Unfortunately with a new year came new lifestyle changes ( ie. Work ) and we sadly have not been up to snuff with the blog and with all of you. So, with that being said, we have switched it up a little and Poutine ( ME ), will be taking the reigns for the next little while. Please give as much feed back as you can, because like a relationship this blog for us is ever growing and always learning to become better. Speaking of relationships we have a holiday right around the corner (Nice segue, hey....?) which some might consider "hallmark" but never the less brings romance is in the air.

If you or someone you know have yet to make any plans for February 14th the we (S&P) have got some excellent ideas for you all. Some might be unorthodox, others might sound silly or over priced, but hopefully we have enough variety that we dish out a little flavour for everyone. So, without further adieu I present to all of you (drum roll .......)

Schnitzel & Poutine's Valentine's Day Exposé

Once a year this day rolls around, and we are all caught up in our every day routine of either work, play, kids, home stay, or a combination of them all. We here at S&P understand the efforts put into every day life. So, we decided to help everyone out and minimize the thinking, and offer up some AMAZING suggestions for you, your significant other, or a friend, a family member can do this February 14th.


Our first place of suggestion would be a little unconventional for Valentine's day, but let me tell you that when Schnitzel and I went for our first time we had a blast. The scratch made menu is completely delicious with the chef adamant on using locally sourced products for his creations. The General Manager, Dan, pairs the food superbly with local craft beer to give a nice "YYC" flare to the establishment. Plus on top of all of that, who doesn't want to let the little barbarian inside of them out with some axe throwing?

The cost is relatively affordable with an hour walk-in session being $19.91 per person. If you are wanting to know more about axe throwing click the button to head to our blog post about BATL GROUND.


If throwing axes isn't your cup of tea, well we have another fun idea for you to try out. We strongly recommend paint night at Raw Canvas in Kensington. When Schnitzel and I first tried it out, we had a blast. We got to do the glow in the dark painting, where we let our creativity get the better of us. Not to mention that Raw Canvas has a liquor permit; so if you are a little hesitant at first, well the liquid courage will definitely help you out.

For Valentine's day Raw Canvas is having a Cooking and painting class, talk about making your cake and eating it to hey? The cost for two people is $75. If you want to learn more about paint night then click the button below to view our blog post about our Raw Canvas experience.


If channeling your creative side with paint doesn't float your boat; well mind the pun, but this idea will actually have you floating to relaxation. Our third Valentine's day Idea would be to have a relaxing spa float at CLEAR FLOAT SPA. This was an amazing experience where you are in a therapeutic salt bath to clear your mind and enjoy your time. Schnitzel and I had a blast at when we had our first float experience with CLEAR FLOAT SPA.

* Poutine's word of advice - cover any cuts with vaseline because it will STING from the salt water*

For a single float per person for a 1 hour duration is $59. Click the button below to view our blog post about our CLEAR FLOAT SPA experience and to learn more about the positive affects by floating.


Okay so you don't want to get nude and lay in water we get it. Well here is our next idea that might get you "monkeying" around a little bit. Both Schnitzel and I love the Calgary Zoo, we do know that Zoo Lights are now over but there is still a lot to see. And now that the evenings aren't as frigid and cold why not take a stroll to some of the exhibits with your loved one, get lost in prehistoric park? Or maybe do your best Happy Feet impression with the penguins?

For general admission at the zoo the price currently is $24.95 per person. The zoo currently closes at 6pm for the winter hours; however we suggest this to be a Valentine's day starter event. If you would like to read our blog about our time at the Zoo and Zoo lights click the button below.


Now if any of those suggestions didn't help to get the spark going for Valentine's day. Well don't you worry, this last one is a sure fire plan. It always works for Poutine on Schnitzel ;-) Turn down the heating in your home ( this trick really works wonders if you have a fireplace ). Now as soon as you see your significant other do the,"Brrr, it's cold in here" arm rub, you push the idea by saying, " Hey babe, maybe we should snuggle up by the fire, what do'ya think?"

*They will pause, look at you and give a raised eyebrow, BAM! Success*

To get the vibe going, have the fire lit, a blanket ready, and two drink glasses and a bottle of your choice of beverage for the both of you. Now our suggestion of beverage would be from our amazing friends at SUMMER LOVE distillery (as seen in the photo to the left). Where they have two marvelous flavors to make your taste buds Tongue-gasm, Raspberry and Spiced Pumpkin. And once the booze is flowing the fire is burning to add the cherry on top have Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" playing in the background. You are welcome - Poutine

We here at Schnitzel and Poutine want to wish everyone a very Happy and Romantic Valentine's Day and we hope that we have helped you with some ideas for you and your significant other. We also want to tell you that we appreciate you taking the time to keep up with us, whether it is with the blog or on any of our social media channels. Thank you so much for your on going support and please stay tuned for our next post where we will share with all of you our experience at the Emerald Lake Lodge, in Yoho National Park British Columbia. But until then auf Wiedersehen, and see you soon!

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