Where have we been? Winter, Work and Worries

Hi Fam,

FINALLY... we are back and we have an explanation why we have been absent for so long. After our Valentine's Day post, we pretty much stopped all our social media and blogging work. We still kept in touch with some of you from time to time but no adventures and no posts.

Well we won't lie, this winter was a tough one! First of all, it felt as if it was snowing 24/7 and the temperatures got low as -30 C. We definitely got the winter blues! For everyone who is living here -you understand, for everyone else - you don't want to experience this!

So with this brutal winter months there was also some light. The new year started amazing for Schnitzel as she got two new jobs in her profession, which she was super excited about. But as you know, starting new jobs and being German, she went all in and ready to give 110%. With that said, the last four months she didn't even have a weekend off. In addition, Poutine was preoccupied with work and well there was also family and friends...

Blogging is a passion of ours and we enjoy working with brands and on events, helping you our followers and creating content. We put so much love and work in everything we do on our blog but at the end it doesn't pay the bills. Our goal was never to make money with blogging but more about connecting with locals and tourists and helping to promote great activities and businesses.

With that said, we are back for the summer and we hope to rekindle with you and our partners and create some amazing content! We also completely changed our homepage. Let us know in the comments down below how much you missed us and how you like the new blog?

#adventure #lifeupdate

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